M.L.Hobby Photo

est. 2009

Michael "Hobby" Hobson 



"When i found photography i was pretty young.  My mom was a photographer growing up and captured every moment of mine and my siblings lives from birth til we left the house.  As most can agree family pics can be annoying, but there was always a camera around to play with.  I'm very happy for that today as you can imagine. First small DSLR i got for myself,  I had found my new passion for life!  I've now been capturing the world around me for the better part of a decade. I'm happiest when I'm taking pictures so i'm very privileged to get to do so and often! I want to share everything I can with everyone I can, so thats why i built this site.  I'm putting myself out there in hopes i can be embraced through my personal view of the world around me.  Life outside you're comfort zone is uncharted territory, that's where real life takes place. Enjoy the ride"


Vast experience in Digital & Print commercial photography, Weddings, Engagements, Fashion, Senior and Family Portraits. High end Real estate & Architectural Photography available. HDR, Virtual Tours and Videography options.