Global Dance Fest 


Welcome to Colorado's oldest straight EDM Festival, Global Dance Music Fest!  This 15th edition was the first year at their new location Mile High Stadium in Downtown Denver. This new venue brought in a whole new feel to this already amazing event.  More space, Carnival rides, HUGE headliners and the same "Feels" as always.  Here is Day 1 through my lens. 


Global Dance Fest 


As the magic continues in the Mile High, day 2 brings even more magic and mayhem. Zhu and Nero took over the Northern Lights stage as excision tor down the main.  It was an intense night for all how attended.  


GoPro Mountain games 

Vail, Colorado

Puppies, Kayakers, Slack liners, Free stylers, Boulderer's.... All decend on Vail, Colorado to experience the 2017 GoPro Mountain games. This event is as Colorado as any event can be. The dogs were my favorite as they couldn't be better dogs. On a scale of 1-10 they were all 11's.  Good dogs!